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‘Give me your hand’

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Each one of us has something different to give.

For others, these gifts may feel heaven-sent.

In-kind gifts

… You can get these to us in various ways: by sending them to Cape Verde by post or parcel service, or by visiting us in person! We have a PO box in Porto Novo, and we can take delivery of parcels that arrive by parcel service on the neighbouring island of Sao Vicente.

Unfortunately, where donated items have been sent as additional cargo on container ships, this has not gone well in the past.

Right from our early days, we have regularly received parcels around 10 kg in weight – containing dressing material from ‘expired’ car first-aid kits, toys, and sports and school supplies – from Brigitte Zellermayer in Austria. We have now (as at February 2022) received 159 of these care packages!

We also receive regular in-kind gifts from social-assistance organizations, including rucksacks, raingear (for the fishing community), snorkelling equipment, etc. All donated items are sold at flea markets, which our bolseiros organize from time to time at the primary school, for a nominal price. The primary school benefits from the proceeds.

Our address

Dar as Mãos

Apartado 99

1310 Porto Novo

Santo Antão

Cabo Verde

West Africa

If you have any further questions, then simply write them here:

    Financial donations

    account for the bulk of what we are able to spend on our projects. As all of us here work on a voluntary basis, all donations go – directly and in their entirety – to benefit our initiatives and campaigns. Costs for our PO box, for web-hosting services, etc., are met from other income sources earmarked especially for these purposes.

    The biggest item in our budget is assistance for pupils and students. In each school year, some 30–50 secondary-school pupils and at least a dozen students in tertiary education are supported with a modest financial contribution. None of them can live at home in Tarrafal during term time; they need accommodation in the place where they go to school. Those who do not have relatives there have to stay at a boarding school.

    For the primary-school pupils, we buy a range of school supplies at the start of the school year to meet needs not covered by materials donated up to that point.


    To ensure we can continue to lend these youngsters a hand in this way, we call on supporters to help with our campaigns under the heading

    We would ask that donors use the ‘traditional’ payment method, namely bank transfer:

    Donations from Europe

    Förderverein Dar as Mãos e.V. (‘Friends of Dar as Mãos’)

    Account no: 41 06 72 79 00 (GLS Bank)

    IBAN: DE83 4306 0967 4106 7279 00


    Donations from Cape Verde

    Account holder / entidade: ONG Dar as Mãos

    Account no. 34024993.10.1 (Caixa Económica CV)

    IBAN: CV64000200003402499310194


    We will be happy to issue you with a receipt for your donation that is recognized by the German tax authorities.

    Please write to us here, giving your full postal address and an e-mail address: